IEEE PES Conference Follow Up

PowerPD, Inc. had the pleasure of participating as an exhibitor at the recent IEEE PES Conference in New Orleans in April! It was a sight to behold with literally hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors as well as thousands of attendees from all over the globe. IEEE hosts this conference every two years and it’s one not to be missed!

I want to take a moment to thank all of you who took the time to stop by our booth; it was great meeting so many of you and sharing a little about what PowerPD has to offer in the way of Continuous On-Line Monitoring of Partial Discharge. We are making tremendous headway and feel we have become a leader in the field of preventative maintenance by virtue of the hundreds of case studies from our end users from all over the world who are verifying and putting our equipment to full use in protecting their assets out in the field. Not only are they using our products, but they are willing to share their findings as well!

Please check back here often as we are uploading these case studies every so often. I will also be updating our conference schedule on here as well. We have added to our sales force here in the US to be able to better serve the demand for our products and are still seeking more agents, both here and globally. Please get in contact with me, Simon Paek ( if you might be interested in joining the PowerPD family.

Download click to here 2010 IEEE PES Presentation by PowerPD in New Orleans

TP500A Version 6.353

This software program for portable model TP500A

The following list is the updates in the version 6.353 (Oct./23/11).

Please download a new version “A”. To save your old version of “PowerPD-PRO.mdb” before you remove the program, change the name of your Database file.

IEEE Conference in New Orleans April 19-22, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

PowerPD, Inc. will be attending the upcoming IEEE’s Transmission and Distribution Conference and Exposition April 19-22 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our Booth # is F434, please plan to stop by as we will have our complete line of Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems on display, including our new ONE-STOP SOLUTION, the First Step Towards the Smart Grid System!

We are very pleased to also be offering an “Info-Session” at the conference. It will be held in room 266 at 11 am on Wednesday April 21, 2010. You can come and learn first-hand about our full array of On Line Monitoring Systems in a class room setting.

IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference and Expo

April 19-22, 2010
New Orleans Morial Convention Center
New Orleans, Louisiana
Visit us at Booth F434

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. You can visit the conference web site for general information as well registration:

We look forward to seeing you there!

PowerPD’s Smart Grid System

PowerPD has created the world’s first “One-Stop Solution” for comprehensive PD (Partial Discharge) Monitoring in HV power plants and substations. “One-Stop Solution” stream lines PD monitoring under one screen for all substation assets including Transformers, GIS, Motors/Generators, MCSG Cabinets, and others. It is the first step into the “Smart Grid System”.

Some characteristics of our “One-Stop Solution”:

  • Operator’s ability to retrieve PD data anytime, anywhere, by any mode.
  • Early detection leads to finding better and inexpensive solutions.
  • Automated Self Diagnostic Capability to the inexperienced operator / user.
  • Multi user, one screen monitoring capability to review and interpret multiple data from multiple assets.

Advantages of PowerPD’s “One-Stop Solution”:

  • Field proven system reliability – Comprehensive Diagnostic Advantage
  • Comprehensive Diagnostic Advantage
    • PowerPD’s unique H/W & S/W to distinguish real PD Signal from Noise so the operator doesn’t have to guess.
  • Ability to find source of PD whether inside the asset or from outside
    • Simultaneous real time measurement of multiple sensors to ensure exact source. Traditional method uses sequential measurement which can lead to confusion in finding the exact source.
  • System Operation Advantage
    • PowerPD Integrated System will be able to share and receive data from other systems such as SCADA
  • Technical Support
    • World’s most extensive field tested data and engineering know-how
    • Accurate and quick support service

For more information on PowerPD’s Smart Grid System, contact us at

TEST or SERVICE your Assets

Not sure if you have Partial Discharge? Or you know your assets have PD, but don’t know how bad it is? Do you want to find the location of the PD?

A great way to validate for yourselves and see firsthand how effective our line of ON-LINE CONTINUOUS MONITORING SYSTEMS is to schedule a SERVICE or TEST. In today’s tough economic times, it’s difficult to justify any purchase based on testimonials, fact sheets, case studies and word of mouth alone.

PowerPD, Inc. can arrange for someone to come out to you to give you a detailed analysis of the current condition of your asset (s). It’s a nominal cost considering the invaluable INFORMATION that is gathered during the service / test:

  1. Where is the PD coming from – within the transformer or other asset you are testing
  2. If the PD is coming from outside the asset being tested, we can trace it to its original source
  3. Is the activity actual PD or a mechanical disturbance or even “garbage PD”
  4. How bad is the PD activity

Contact our office and start protecting your ASSETS!

Sales Reps Wanted!

PowerPD, Inc. is growing! In order to keep pace with the demand, we are seeking motivated and qualified individuals and groups to represent our increasingly popular array of CONTINUOUS ON-LINE PARTIAL DISCHARGE MONITORING SYSTEMS. It’s a tremendous opportunity to get involved with a family owned company with great growth opportunities.

We are a global company with representation in Asia, Europe, South American and the US. We are looking to increase our sales force in all areas! Please contact simonpaek@powerpd.netto get started!

We look forward to hearing from you.

Can you afford to Wait??? Continuous On-Line Monitoring!

In today’s tough economy, it’s more important than ever to start to really focus on protecting one’s assets. With the increased aging of assets in the field, can you afford not to have the best form of Continuous, On-Line Partial Discharge Monitoring System out there?

PowerPD, Inc. offers end users a “ONE STOP SHOP”, or “COMPLETE ASSET MANAGEMENT” for GIS, MCSG, MOTORS AND GENERATORS, TRANSFORMERS & CABLE TERMINATIONS as well as monitoring OLTC contact conditions, and pumping motors. “One stop shop” because you no longer need to deal with multiple companies for your Partial Discharge Monitoring Needs, we do it all – which leads us to “complete asset management”. We have the equipment to monitor all your assets within the substation!

Unlike other PD monitoring system which can not accurately distinguish the source of PD, we use 4 acoustic sensors and 1 HFCT sensor SIMULTANEOUSLY to determine the true source of PD. By Simultaneous measurement of PD from AE and HFCT Sensors, we know very accurately whether the original source of the PD signal is from inside the TR or coming from outside traveling through the power lines, or through the Ground Lead. As you might know, PD travels throughout the power station through the air, power lines, and ground lines, and it is important to distinguish the original source. Our user friendly software application makes it easy for the engineers to locate the exact point of PD which comes very helpful before the maintenance engineers open the TR for servicing.


It is well documented that the first sign of problems within substation assets starts with Partial Discharge. There are other methods of monitoring for problems, such as DGA, Thermal Technology, etc., but Partial Discharge most often occurs first and only after a period of time thereafter, the wear and tear caused by PD will show up in the DGA readings.

Annual Weidmann Technical Conference set for LAS VEGAS in Oct. 2009!

Mark your calendars for Oct. 14-16, 2009 for the Annual Weidmann Technical Conference set for LAS VEGAS! Come join in on the fun and excitement that Las Vegas has to offer – oh, and there’s also a Conference going on full of valuable information for POWER INDUSTRY Engineers, Asset Managers, Technicians and everyone and anyone involved and responsible for POWER SYSTEM MAINTENANCE.

PowerPD, Inc. will have a booth during the conference so please stop by to see the latest and best in COMPLETE ASSET MANAGEMENT for all your substation assets! We have been very busy out in the field and have recently found our way into South America and Eastern Europe. It’s an exciting time for Partial Discharge and PowerPD’s proud to be in the forefront of it!

Jon Giesecke will be presenting this year at the conference and will be speaking on “Partial Discharge and Vibration Testing of Power Transformers – The Aging of America’s Transformers”. I’m sure many of you will find this to be a very interesting and informative topic!

To register, please cut and paste the following link and see you there!: