PD-MIMS (Motor Insulation Monitoring System) detects Partial Discharge (PD) coming from the inside of high voltage motors and generators.

  • PD-MIMS continually monitors and stores test results
  • Detects abnormal conditions in motors and generators giving early warning when action is needed to prevent failure
  • Reduces maintenance costs and operational expenses
  • This test device continuously scans between 200 KHz - 300 MHz.
The Motor EMCs on the Motor EMCs on the Generator
PD-MIMS is an on-line Partial Discharge (PD) diagnostic system, which detects and analyzes the generation of PD signals in generators and motors.

PD-MIMS provides user-friendly software, which allows access to measured data from a remote office using RS-485 and LAN..

PD-MIMS also provides software which is designed to analyze, manage, and interpret measured data and can be set to report daily, weekly or monthly.
System Configuration
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