The PD-TM Series: are non-portable, mounted type units. PD-TM500, 1000, 1500 are online diagnostic systems that continuously monitors partial discharge in equipment such as Transformers, GIS, and CGIS etc. This units detect, analyze, and locate the signal source of partial discharge or arcing. This test equipment is mounted on or near the electrical equipment under test, in a weather proof housing. (All PowerPD units include software, which allows accessibility of continuous monitoring from your home or office PC, via, remote internet)


  • Connects to your system via SCADA
  • Installed on fully loaded and energized electrical equipment, completely non-intrusive, no need for an outage to install
  • Simultaneously measures AE (acoustic emission) via 4 sensors and electrical discharges via a clamp-on type CT. The CT is a High Frequency Current Transducer (HFCT)
  • Detects, measures and locates signal sources from PD or Arcing
  • Used on transformers, LTCs, LAs Circuit Breakers, & Gas Insulated Substations (GIS)
  • Sensitivity = AE: 20pC; HFCT: 5pC

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